How Can I Help Find A Way to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes?

Why Should I Participate in TrialNet?

For You and Your Family:

The presence of diabetes-related autoantibodies can be used in determining risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Individuals at moderate to high risk for developing type 1 diabetes can be closely monitored in TrialNet. These individuals may also be eligible to participate in a prevention trial.

If you or a family member develops type 1 diabetes while participating in TrialNet, researchers will have the chance to make an early diagnosis. By catching the disease earlier, insulin therapy can be started sooner, decreasing the risk of severe complications associated with hyperglycemia and onset of clinical disease.  It is believed that early treatment may have long term benefit in diabetes.

Some people find a negative autoantibody test very reassuring.

For You and the Diabetes Community:

In order to test therapies that may delay, prevent, or possibly even cure diabetes, we need people to take part in clinical trials. The participation of families affected by diabetes may help bring a better future for participants and the type 1 diabetes community.